Hello World!

What’s crack-a-lackin homie g?

Okay. I’ll stop. My name is Andrea and I have a dream. A dream to be a professional nerd. Right now I work at an advertising agency full-time where I put my nerd-brain to work in SEO and Digital Media management. I do some other stuff too, but it’s much less cool.

Basically, it’s always been my dream to take whatever I’ve learned from video games and anime, and just general life stuff, and apply it to my professional life. I actually believe that video games took a small role in my hiring process at my current job. I re-introduced the beauty that is Toontown to the president of the company. She still doesn’t know whether to thank me or scold me.

I have a lot of hobbies. Writing, gaming, singing, watching anime and other tv, music, party planning, coding, drawing, cosplay, esports, social media, surfing, photography, videography,  technology, the list could go on forever! Basically, it’s made me into a “Jack of All Trades and a Master of None,” which always sounds like an insult, but everyone I’ve talked to swears is a compliment.

I’ve been watching anime and gaming my entire life. Popped outta my mom’s uterus with a mouse and keyboard in hand. It’s probably the biggest part of who I am. Even so, I didn’t always believe I’d have a job working in the media. I actually originally went to college for marine biology. My second semester of college was when I woke up and realized that I could make my hobby, my job. It was gonna take a lot of hard work, it still does, but to me, it’s worth it.

So this, is a part of that. This blog is for me to write and just nerd out on everything I care about and share with others who might be looking to turn their geekery into their own profession. I plan on writing about video games, anime, convention coverage, digital media, and technology.

I hope you find my story helpful! And by all means, share any tactics you may have as well! Let’s make this a conversation!


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