A Shift in Rocket League eSports

Rocket League is an incredible multiplayer sports game where you fly rocket powered cars around a soccer field in attempts to hit the ball into the goal. It’s incredibly fun, even if you’re terrible at it (just like me). The game has concluded 4 successful seasons of competitive play in a tournament called the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS). In this tournament, teams from all over the world compete to be in the top 8 for some insane cash prizes. These guys are no joke either.

The war for NA vs. EU that occurs in most esports is no stranger to RLCS, but there are definitely some fan favorites. In North America, some of the most notable teams are NRG, G2, and Cloud 9 for their incredible skill and team work. However, a shift has occurred, and the fans lay in wait for what this big change could mean.

Jacob, an all-star predominately offensive player known for absolutely ridiculous goals, has left NRG.

Many fans were shocked by the news yesterday, but most just wish Jacob the best of luck!

Even pro players from other teams chimed in.

Teammates, GarretG and Fireburner have yet to make any official statement to the public.

Let the fan predictions commence! What do you think will happen with this change?


Source: Twitter (@RL_Jacob and @NRGgg)

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