Streaming and the Professional World: Networking

As a streamer, you learn quickly that you spend just as much time, if not more, watching other people stream, as you stream yourself. You watch people who play the same games as you and you create a relationship with them. Soon enough, both your communities benefit and grow from it. The power of networking is real. And that’s true in the professional world as well.

My company’s business model is strongly based on the power of networking. We develop close, tight-knit relationships with our media partners so that we can provide our clients with the most cost effective advertising packages. We also maintain strong relationships with our clients and grow our business by word of mouth. Learning how to network properly was the best thing I could do for my own brand and myself professionally.

As a streamer, I loved going to conventions and gaming events. I would bring business cards and build relationships with developers who’s games I really enjoyed. My job in the advertising industry is no different. We go on trips to conferences and conventions where our clients are being featured (like AIA or IRE for instance) and chat up media partners and potential new clients alike. Most importantly, the big thing about conventions is: BE SOCIAL!

Yes. I’m talking about professional party-ing. Becoming friends with people in your field can grow and strengthen your brand in a variety of ways. As a streamer, I would find people to follow and model myself after, or become friends with fellow small streamers to help grow my and their communities. As a professional, we use these events to become closer to our clients and media partners. Further driving home our model of relationship building and pushing our brand by communication.

Streaming got me out of my bubble and taught me how to network professionally. Which is interesting since the stigma around gamers is that we’re socially inept. SHOWS THOSE GUYS!

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