Gaming and the Professional World: Collaboration

Teamwork is essential to win a game, just as it is to deliver a product to a client. Okay, well not all games, but you get the gist. When I was working as an employer relations associate at the Career Services department at my university, I found that one of the 3 most sought-out qualities in a potential candidate was “teamwork,” next to “leadership,” and “experience.” For that last one, you’re going to have to put the controller down. For today, let’s discuss teamwork. Leadership will have to have it’s own post later!

Overwatch is a fantastic example of a game that requires collaboration in order to succeed. For those who might not know, Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter game where teams are expected to fulfill certain objectives (i.e. transporting a payload to its destination, holding a control point, etc.). For most game modes that you’re playing, to get the best outcome you are going to need to work together.

Artist: Josh Hano

There are four different classes of heroes you can play: DPS (Damage per second), Defense, Tank, and Support. To make my point, think of each of these classes as departments in a business, and each character has a very specific role. So you can have members of the same department, without having them fill the same role. D. Va and Winston for instance, are both Tanks and serve a very similar role. D. Va and Reinhardt however, though they are both tanks, serve different roles.

My go-to class is often Support. I enjoy being a team player and acting as a unit. This has translated into my professional life extremely well. In a small company, everyone wears a lot of hats, but my closeness with the President of our company has turned me into her Support. See where I’m going with this? Often times, her and I work together much like a PharMercy (Pharah and Mercy) duo. She makes all the hard hitting shots (approving major projects, keeping clients happy, etc.), and I keep her powered up (make sure she has all the information she needs, catch everything that falls through the cracks, etc.)!

I can’t make any plays on my own without her, and she wouldn’t be able to be as effective as she is, without me. Get it? That being said, a lot of what I know about being an effective and integral member of a team, comes from gaming. Everyone in a company has a role that differs from everyone else, but without them, Defeat awaits.

TL;DR: You matter. If you’re the president of the company, or just a part time employee, you matter. Do your part, and everyone can claim VICTORY!

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