The Universim – An Overview


Greetings chumps! Today I bring to you, the powers of GOD! The Universim is an incredible God-Simulator game where sweet little nubs advance through the ages of time at your whim. Keep in mind, this game is still in early access and is NOT a finished product. This review will be keeping that fact into perspective, as well as discuss what may be to come. I’m going to preface this by saying, this is not a true “review.” As this game is still in the beginning stages, it is difficult to judge just how well it does or will do in certain categories. So I will be primarily discussing the game mechanics, what I love, and what I’m excited to see.

This post will be updated as new game updates are released,



As far as God-Simulator games go, The Universim is pretty standard. You rule over the nuggets, tell them what to do, create buildings, and listen to them complain consistently about the lack of food and water. While you do not directly interact with your civilization, you will be able to guide them through development and influence their decisions, for better or for worse…but maybe that’s just me.

You are in control of all resources. To get water, you need water pumps and reservoirs and wells. For food, you’ll need a Hunter’s Hut, a Farm, a Fisher, and an Eatery. But in order to obtain all these buildings, your nuggets will have to research upgrades to unlock them.

The level of progression on it’s own is fine the way it is. The time in which it takes to research something is dependent on how “rare” it is, and is calculated using in-game-time not real time (thank the heavens). However, as you progress, more and more, your nuggets will need you to intervene. This is where the ultimate use of God Powers comes to play. Is your population starting to dwindle? Make some nuggets fall in love! Is there no water in the reservoir? Make it rain! Perhaps you’re getting too overpopulated? Do what I did, throw the nuggets to their death at the bottom of a lake! Okay, that last part was gruesome.

God powers run on faith. Literally. There are a couple of ways to raise faith points, but they do accrue over time. The best way is when people “pray” to you for help. By completing these quests, you can raise your faith, which means you can use your god powers more often! There are a couple of known bugs with the god powers, but for that, just keep up with the forums! Like I said, this game is in Early Access and isn’t expected to be absolutely perfect.

There are just a couple more things I’d really like to highlight. Crytivo has put in a lot of thought into this game and are truly listening to fans. Nuggets can and will get depressed, and when they’re depressed, they’re more likely to die. I honestly love this, strangely enough. Not only does it make me more inclined to be a benevolent god, but it also fuels the need to play the game smart in the beginning. Sure, you can set fire to the first villager you see, but that’s no fun!

Second, I’d like to address how nice of a touch it is that some things are automated. When two nuggets get married, they automatically build a house for themselves on their own. When someone dies, the next available unemployed nugget gets assigned the task. It’s great to not have to micro manage everything!

Lastly, I just want to appreciate the seasons and day/night attention to detail. In the winter, water in your reservoir will freeze; in summer, it will evaporate. At night, your nuggets are more likely to be killed by wolves.

Every tiny thing they put into the game, affects the way you need to play it in order to succeed. I can’t wait until they add in electricity and move on to colonize other planets! If I can get that far without all my little nugs dying on me first at least…can we get a therapist role in game? Thanks!

To keep up to date on the game’s updates and changes, follow the developers on Twitter or join their Discord. They’re really great at keeping the community informed!

Check out the game’s newest update!

Twitter | Instagram | Discord

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