Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee release date announced

Greetings chumps! Yesterday, The Pokemon Company finally released the trailer for Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee! Though players have mixed thoughts, most will await it’s November release with anticipation.

This Pokemon Yellow reboot is showing some great potential in being able to get players back into Pokemon Go. At release, Pokemon Go had 45 million users, and as of April 2018, there are 5 million. Though the craze of Pokemon Go has quieted down, it is most certainly not gone. It still makes an estimated amount of $2 million a day!

With beautiful graphics, portability, and co-op playability, it can be expected that this addition to the Pokemon franchise will be a hit. Co-op functionality has been one of the highest requested game mechanics in the Pokemon community. Though this isn’t a main-game, players are ecstatic about the opportunity to finally play with their friends!

The most intriguing aspect of the trailer for a lot of people is the new Pokeball joycon controller. With tamagachi-esque functionality, it seems like Pokemon really is trying to be as “real” as it possibly can be. Costs have yet to be announced, but with the price of the original Pokemon Go Plus accessory, it can be speculated to be around $35.

Though first impressions seem to show excitement, many players have questions on the actual mechanics of the game. How exactly will multiplayer work? Do you actually get to battle wild Pokemon or not? Why can you 2v1 a bug catcher boy? Will there be microtransactions?

“Let’s Go, Pikachu” and “Let’s Go, Eevee” will both be releasing on November 16, 2018, coincidentally 20 years after the original Pokemon Yellow release. Will this more casual title be enough to hold players off until the new core-series game coming in 2019?

As new updates are made, this post will be updated. Happy gaming!

UPDATE 5/30 5:30PM:

More details regarding the Poke Ball Plus accessory has been released. It will be compatible with both the Pokemon: Let’s Go games as well as Pokemon Go. It will be released in tandem with the Let’s Go games on November 16th. Price is being speculated, though some sources have it listed around $50 pre-tax. For this price tag, the short 3 hour battery life seems to be a cause for concern.

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