A game with a message. A normal lost phone.


Imagine this: you’re walking home one night, the streets are pretty empty, and out of the corner of your eye, you see the glowing light of a phone on the floor. Would you pick it up? Would you look through it? In the game “A Normal Lost Phone,” players immerse themselves into this scenario to find the owner, Sam. Though it seems innocent at first, secrets quickly begin to unfold.

The developers, Accidental Queens, created an immersive interface to blur the lines between reality and fiction. You are playing as yourself, not a character. Every action is up to the discretion of the player; there are no prompts or goals, only clues.

From the start, as you read through text messages, it is obvious that something more sinister is happening. The idea is to begin uncovering clues to find the owner of the phone so you can return it. The only way to do that is go through the messages right?

It is difficult to discuss this game without spoiling it, but it should be said that the message around the LGBT community is really what makes this game so incredible. In an interview with Joypad, the developers stressed the importance of this message and why they made this game.

“It is hoped that some people will think about how their words or actions may negatively impact some people. We also wanted to bring a message of hope for the people concerned by the themes we are addressing.” – Accidental Queens

Though the game is essentially a very simple and very short point and click puzzle game with about an hour and a half of play-time, the message really sticks to you. As pointed out by the developers, if you close the app and still think about it, have you really stopped playing?

Accidental Queens have also released a sequel, Another Lost Phone in case you want more.

For full immersion, it is recommended to play on iOS or Android, though the game is available on Steam and Switch as well.

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