Sims 4 Decides My Sim Challenge | Video


Greetings chumps! It’s time to let the power of the dice roll take over! May RNGesus be with me. Thank you to Elliandra, the creator of this challenge, for inspiring me! In this Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Challenge, you let the odds decide your aspirations, traits, skills, and even your career! You’re then faced with the challenge to create a sim that fits the role perfectly. It’s kind of hard to explain, but here are the rules:

You must be using Sims 4 Story Mode and a 4 sided die (or any other random roller thing with 1-4) feature to participate in this challenge. You may pick whatever age of sim you like to start the challenge.

  • Roll a 1: Choose the first answer choice
  • Roll a 2: Choose the second answer choice
  • Roll a 3: Choose the third answer choice
  • Roll a 4: Re-roll the question.

Once you’ve answered the last question, you must design a sim character that fits the role. Everything is up for grabs, including gender. Your community will be the judge and decide if you’ve “won.”

Elliandra’s Original Video >>



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