October Bullet Journal Spread



Wow, I can’t believe we’re already in the final quarter of 20

20. Time flies when you’re stuck at home in the middle of the apocalypse!

In 2020, I’ve been finding myself taking my mental health more and more seriously as the year has gone on. It’s been one of the hardest years in terms of depression for many people, I was no exception.

To keep track of things between therapy and psychiatry appointments, I’ve found that bullet journaling has been one of the things that’s been SUPER helpful. I’m not super good at it yet, but I didn’t record for 4 FREAKING HOURS for nothin’!

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, so I knew right away that I wanted to record my October spread and share it with the world. In these close up photos, you’re gonna be able to see a lot of where my mistakes are, but that’s kind of the beauty of bullet journaling. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Every person’s journal is unique to them! I freaking love that to be honest. Especially since I don’t really need it as a planner, I need it more like a tracker. Let me explain.

It’s a little hard to see, because honestly I should’ve made the circles with the dates a lot larger, but this monthly view is actually a moon phase calendar. Now, I’m not so into astrology that I believe the moon “controls everything and I can’t eat a peach today because the moon told me so,” but I do have crystals I like to charge under the full moon and I’ve always been interested in celestial events like the Blue Moon that’s happening on Halloween this year!

I might use this to highlight some important dates and holidays, but it’s my current least referenced page in my September spread. It makes you wonder why I wasted two pages for this. Honestly? It’s because I saw someone do the  cool Nightmare Before Christmas hill on a two page spread and I wanted to do it too and wasn’t creative enough to figure out how to do it on a one page spread.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The two most important spreads I have when tracking my mental health are my medications tracker and my mood and sleep trackers. My medications tracker is a good visual reference to ensure that I’m taking my medication as prescribed (plus it’s really cute), and to the right of that, I have what I call “Vibe Check.” This is a spot for me to say things like “feeling uncharacteristically irritable,” or “my allergies are really bad today,” or “my head really hurts.” Things that can’t really be captured correctly in the mood tracker.

Speaking of, my mood tracker is pretty detailed because I like to be specific. I don’t like to put just “happy” because that’s encompassing too many emotions. I might be “motivated,” but not necessarily “happy.” Or I might be “anxious,” but not necessarily “sad.” Call it anal retentive, but it’s the way I am.

Easily one of my most important pages in my entire spread is my sleep and energy tracker. As a person with diagnosed Bipolar Depression, this is a great way to very quickly identify periods of low sleep with high energy (hypomanic episodes), or high sleep with low energy (depressive episodes). If I’m able to notice a trend with time of month or consistent span of time, even better!

Now, that’s a whole lot of technical stuff and I want to have a bit of less practical fun with my journal, simply because I can!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m personally not totally sold on the idea of a habit tracker…yet. I’m still contemplating it, but for now, I thought a good way to have a similar effect with none of the pressure would be a self care bingo! Quite a few other people do this, but what I liked about making my own is that I got to create challenges that fit my life perfectly. I know the likelihood of me going for a run is slim to none, but it’s on there just in case I feel like actually giving myself a good challenge for once.

Now I’m kind of exposing myself with the Watch List spread here. I’m a self proclaimed horror enthusiast, but these 5 movies are all films that I’ve never seen (at least all the way through in one sitting). So I wanted to make it a point to actually watch some of the highest rated horror films of all time that I’ve never seen!

Not gonna spend much time talking about it because it’s pretty self explanatory, but if you want to check out my entire October playlist, GO FOR IT!

If you’re interested in bullet journaling, I would just go for it! No one is great at it at first, but you get better with time! At least that’s what I tell myself to sleep at night.

Once I get better at this, I’ll start listing the products I used and all that. But the one thing I can say is…

I do NOT recommend the journal I have! It’s a feela dotted journal and it’s advertised as “bleed proof.” Spoiler alert. IT IS NOT BLEED PROOF.

I’m fine. Totally fine. Can you tell how fine I am?


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